The Top 10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask A Wooden Pallet

So an old pallet walks into a bar (stay with me here) and sits down next to you. You think, there he is...that old wooden pallet. You've heard some negative stuff about him and here's your chance to get the facts straight. You've got some questions and he has some answers. These are probably the top ten topics you would want clarified.

Vintage pallet view

1. Question: When where you born?

Answer: I'm around 89 years old (my memories are a bit fuzzy), so fairly old. I've been around since the mid-1920's.

2. Question: Why do you have those slots in your side?

Answer: They are called notches and they allow a forklift to pick me from the sides.

3. Question: Why do you have that "ISPM-15" stamp on your side?

Answer: Oh this tattoo? It shows that I have officially been heat treated in a kiln to kill wood born insects and reveals that I'm not infected so that I can travel to other countries. Basically it's my passport.

4. Question: What's your deflection?

Answer: That's a personal question, but you look like a harmless person, so I'll tell you. If I'm just sitting here it's around .15 but if they store me in a racking environment, it can go up to around .40 or more. My deflection is the amount of give or sag that forms due to the weight of my load.

5. Question: Are you a block or a stringer pallet? What's the difference?

Answer: I'm a stringer which means I have 2x4's that run the length of my body. My cousin, the block pallet, has 9 blocks (usually 4x4 or 4x6) instead of 2x4's.

6. Question: Is the plastic pallet your nemesis?

Answer: Heck no! My nemesis is the angry forklift driver. Plastic pallets are my younger cousins that offer great advantages, however I'm still superior. I may have been around a while, but I'm cheap, easy to repair and can easily be manufactured into many sizes. If I really want to protect myself from forklift misuse, I can throw on a pointGUARD plastic pallet protector. Think of it as shoulder pads for a pallet.

7. Question: How much does it cost you to get repaired?

Answer: Anywhere from $2.00 - $4.00 if most cases.

8. Question: Some people say your made of hardwood, others say what is it?

Answer: I'm made of softwood, Douglas Fir to be exact. I have family members that are made of hardwood species like Alder or Oak. To clarify, if we come from a tree that stays green all year, that means we are made of softwood. If the tree doesn't, then we are made of hardwood.

9. Question: So are you a 48"x40" pallet or a 40"x48" pallet?

Answer: That's a great question, this one gets confused a lot. Many people think that it's the same, but it's not. I just happen to have a photo in my wallet that help illustrates this. Take a look. When you are talking about me, always say the length first followed by the width. In my case, the length is 48", which is the length of the 2x4. The width is the length of the top deck boards, the 1x6's and 1x4's. In my case, they are 40" long.

Pallet Length & Width Visual

10. Question: What's your favorite style of music?

Answer:'s lifts me up and moves me at the same time.

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