The top 9 reasons the pointGUARD is so innovative

Top 9 Reasons the pointGUARD Is Innovative

We think our pointGUARD® Pallet Protection Products are revolutionary. They are proving out to be valuable assets that guard wooden pallets from forklift damage, but what makes our protectors so innovative?

Here are the top 9 reasons:

1. They do not alter the wood pallet, which has proven to work as is...pointGUARD® Pallet Protectors simply improve the pallet performance.

2. They turn the entry points of a wood pallet into one unit. The individual components of a wood pallet are bound together by nails, which do their best to keep the components together. What the pointGUARD® Pallet Protector does is help the entry components stay intact as one unit, which improves pallet durability.

3. They eliminate a lot of the damage to the pallet due to banding or strapping.

4. They help eliminate pallet damage that occurs when the product footprint is smaller in length than the pallet footprint. Why is this important? Download our How to be a pallet guru E-book and find out.

5. They turn the end of a wood pallet into plastic, creating a hybrid and sustainable pallet option.

6. They minimize the damage to a pallet due to forklift operator error or carelessness.

7. They can easily be removed and the wood pallet is still as functional as originally designed.

8. They use virgin polypropylene plastic, which is very sturdy resin.

9. Like a wood pallet, they are completely recyclable at the end of their life.

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