Understanding the pointGUARD® Concept - Part 6: The ease of attaching plastic to wood

What a difference a little plastic can make

A major benefit of using pointGUARD® Pallet Protection Products is that they are designed so that they can be removed at any time and the wooden pallet can continue to be used as originally designed. There are some hybrid pallet attachments floating around the marketplace that, when installed, alter the basic design of a pallet. Our products do not...they are simply plastic end-caps that will dramatically make a wooden pallet more durable.

pointGUARD Pallet Protection Products

Our process starts with manufacturing a new, well-built pallet. When you purchase pallet protectors from us, we will supply you with the recommended pallet specifications that you can provide to any new-pallet manufacturer (if you don't have one, you can locate one here). If these specs are followed, adding pointGUARD® Pallet Protection Products to wooden pallets will be easy.

It's more about the pallet

Once the pallet is verified to have been built correctly, pointGUARD® Pallet Protection Products should slip right into the pallet. Once they are pushed all the way in, we suggest that you use 2" #8 wood screws to actually fasten the protector to the pallet. There will be a little sideways adjustment that you can make, so before you attach the first screw, you will need to verify that the protector is centered on the pallet and that there's not any overlap of plastic on either side of the pallet. Pulling up on the protector as you fasten it the pallet makes sure that it is nice and snug.

We suggest screws for good reasons. Screws may take bit longer to attach, however, you can quickly remove the protector at any time during the life of the pallet. Using nails may be easier, but the protector probably wont' be removed with any degree of ease. And, don't laugh because we do get asked this, but we don't suggest using glue at all.

pointGUARD Pallet Protector installation

So, attaching pointGUARD® Pallet Protection Products really is that easy. A successful installation has more to do with the verification that the pallet is built to a certain spec. Although we do not require altering the design of a wood pallet, we are simply specifying what the dimensions of each component on a pallet should be.

Next Up:

So how many pointGUARD® Pallet Protector sizes do we manufacture? That's the topic of our next blog post. We will review the different styles and sizes that are currently available as we continue this blog series that we are calling, Understanding the pointGUARD Concept.

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