Can a pallet have wings? Breaking down the different types of pallets.

The great thing about wood pallets is how easy they are to customize to whatever size and style that may be needed for the situation. Depending on the budget, racking, and durability requirements, there are several other options at your disposal as well. One thing is for sure, the types of pallets that are put to use in the world of material handling are as diverse as they are unique.

In this blog post, I've listed some of the most common types of wood pallet styles along with a brief description, picture, and the benefits/drawbacks of each.

Note: the pictures used are for illustration purposes only. Some of the pallets shown might fall into several categories. Example, the first pallet shown is a plywood pallet, but it's also a block-style pallet. You can also create a stringer-style plywood pallet. To better understand pallet definitions, see the infographics from previous blog posts on stringer-style and block-style pallets.

Plywood Pallet:

a pallet that has a piece of plywood for the top deck (and bottom deck if needed) for the benefit of having a solid deck.

Benefits: solid decking which takes away any gaps between deckboards

Drawback: more expensive

Plywood Pallet


a pallet that does not have any bottom deckboards

Benefits: more economical due to using less lumber

Drawback: unable to be used for racking product, may not last as long as one with a bottom deck


Block Pallet:

a type of pallet that has square or rectangular spacers between the top and bottom decks

Benefit: has true 4-way entry, so it's easier for a forklift to handle from all four sides than a normal stringer pallet

Drawback: more expensive than typical stringer pallet

Block Pallet

Stringer Pallet:

a pallet with stringers (usually a 2x4's) that run the length of the pallet in between the top and bottom decks.

Benefit: cost efficient

Drawback: more easily damaged from all sides...(If you are having trouble with pallet damage, click here)

New Stringer Pallet

Recycled Pallet:

a used pallet that has been repaired so that it can be ready for use again.

Benefit: the cheapest option available

Drawback: quality can vary drastically from pallet to pallet due to variations in material...also, availability

Recycled Pallet

Combo/Hybrid Pallet:

a pallet that has been manufactured out of new and reclaimed material.

Benefit: lower cost than an all new pallet due to using reclaimed material

Drawback: availability (recycled material may not always be available in the size that is needed), also quality can vary on recycled material

Combo/Hybrid Pallet

Wing Pallet:

a pallet that has the top or bottom deck (or both) that is greater in width than that of the outside stringers for the purpose of increasing the strength of the deck(s) of the pallet.

Benefit: stronger weight bearing capabilities without adding another stringer board

Drawback: end boards of wing can damage easier and can get snagged on objects or other wing pallets around it

Wing pallet

Re-manufactured Pallet:

a pallet that has been manufactured out of all reclaimed material

Benefit: low cost

Drawback: availability (recycled material may not always be available in the size that is needed), also quality can vary on recycled material

Re-manufactured combo pallet

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