QUIZ: How well do you know a wood pallet?

Note: We've published this quiz a couple of times, but before we publish our new Pallet Quiz 2.0, we thought it would be best to publish the original again.

So you think you know all there is to know about a wood pallet?

Let's put that knowledge to the test. The following are 10 questions that relate to wood pallets along with 4 possible answers for each question. Let's just see how much you know.

Wood Pallet Picture

Answers appear at the bottom of the blog post.

1. CHEP is a worldwide pallet and container rental company operating in over 50 countries. What does the "CHEP" acronym stand for?

A. Common Handling Equipment Program

B. Consolidated Handling Equipment Provider

C. Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool

D. Crown Highlander Equipment Pool

2. The first large scale pallet manufacturing company in the United States was which company?

A. Portland Pipe and Crating, Portland, Maine

B. NEPA Pallet, Snohomish, Washington

C. Alaska Shipping and Skid, Juneau, Alaska

D. Bethlehem Pallet and Skid Company, Baltimore, Maryland

3. A pallet with the exact same top and bottom decking configuration is referred to as a:

A. Rackable Pallet

B. Reversible Pallet

C. Twin Deck Pallet

D. Identical Platform Pallet

4. A block pallet with bottom stringerboards is called a:

A. Perimeter Base Block Pallet

B. Unidirectional Base Block Pallet

C. Cross Directional Block Pallet

D. Overlap Base Block Pallet

5. Because of the International Plant Protection Convention, wood pallets being shipped between certain countries, including the United States, must be heat treated to prevent the spread of pests. They must also be stamped with an ISPM marking. What does "ISPM" stand for?

A. Implementation Standards for Packaging Movement

B. International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures

C. International Sanitary Packaging Measures

D. Intercountry Shipping Procedures Marking

6. According to the NWPCA (National Wooden Pallet and Container Association) website, how many pallets are in use each day in the United States?

A. 700 Million

B. 950 Million

C. 1 Billion

D. 1.8 Billion

7. The following materials are considered a hardwood species except one. Which one is it?

A. Oregon Ash

B. Yellow Birch

C. Redwood

D. White Ash

8. How many nails are used in a standard GMA-style 48x40 4-way stringer pallet?

A. 86

B. 92

C. 88

D. 84

9: According to the NWPCA (National Wooden Pallet and Container Association) website, how many independently-owned white wood pallet companies are there in the United States?

A. Approx. 10,000

B. Approx. 4,000

C. Approx. 7,200

D. Approx. 1,800

10. According to lumber brokers, the average tree harvested in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States can, on average, produce enough board feet of lumber to manufacture how many standard 48"x40" GMA-style 4-way stringer pallets?

A. 41

B 11

C. 36

D. 28

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3. B - Considered common knowledge in the pallet industry

4. D - Source, NWPCA Uniform Standards for Wooden Pallets, NWPCA Website, Standards & Specifications, http://www.palletcentral.com/technical/standards-a-specifications

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7. C - Source, NWPCA Uniform Standards for Wooden Pallets, NWPCA website, Standards & Specifications, http://www.palletcentral.com/technical/standards-a-specifications

8. D - Considered common knowledge in the pallet industry

9. B - Source, NWPCA website, About Us, http://www.palletcentral.com/about

10. A - Source, several lumber brokers in Oregon and Washington, interviewed in 2013

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