Pallet Quiz 2.0 - More pallet trivia

Still think you know everything there is to know about the wood pallet?

It's time for round two...put your pallet knowledge to the test with this quick 10-question quiz. If you haven't taken our first pallet quiz, you can do that here. Good luck!

Answers appear at the bottom of the blog post.

Pallet Quiz 2.0

1. The term “Standard GMA Pallet” term get’s used a lot in the pallet industry? What does “GMA” stand for?

A. Good Manufacturing Attributes

B. Grocery Manufacturer’s Association

C. Grocery Management of America

D. Graded Measured and Agreed

2. Most pallets in the US measure:

A. 48” in length and 48” in width

B. 48” in length and 40” in width

C. 40” in length and 40” in width

D. 48” in length and 42” in width

3. When a pallet is loaded or palletized with product, the “sag” or deformation of the pallet due to the weight is referred to as what?


B. Bend

C. Notch

D. Deflection

4. A wood pallet that has no bottom deck boards is referred to as what?

A. Barefoot

B. Skid

C. Shoe-less

D. Block

5. The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) BioPreferred® Program and the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) recently announced that all coated and uncoated wood pallets are now recognized by USDA’s BioPreferred® Program, If they are manufactured using what?

A. Southern Yellow Pine

B. Zero moisture content

C. Kale

D. NWPCA’s Pallet Design System™ (PDS)

6. Broken 48” x 40” pallets that can still be repaired are often called:

A. Cores

B. Kernels

C. Stumps

D. Blocks

7. According to the Natures’ Packaging website, in 2011, there were 416 million new pallets manufactured in the United States. In the same year, how many were recovered and reused as pallets or other reprocessed products?

A. 39 Million

B. 122 Million

C. 474 Million

D. 304 Million

8. The standard New GMA 48” x 40” pallet can hold approximately how much weight when floor stacked?

A. No more than 300 lbs.

B. 5000+ lbs.

C. 3000+ lbs.

D. 1800+ lbs.

9: If you hear the term “#1 Pallet”, this refers to what?

A. A new 48” x 40” wood pallet that looks great

B. The first pallet at the top of a pallet stack

C. A pallet that has a solid top deck

D. A used 48” x 40” wood pallet in relatively good shape

10. The most commonly damaged areas of a wood pallet is the top leading edge deckboard. A quick way to protect this board and keep the pallet in use longer would be to add what?

A. A pointGUARD® Pallet Protection Product

B. Put caution tape around the pallet

C. Don’t use a forklift to move the pallet

D. Wrap the deckboard in duct tape

Okay, this one was a bit of a plug for our product, but hey…you can’t fault me for trying!


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  1. B, 2. B, 3. D, 4. B, 5. D, 6. A, 7. C, 8. B, 9. D, 10. A

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