Need quick, easy pallet and product protection? Meet the SP40S.

Looking for an easy fix for your pallet damage issues? The easiest way to reduce pallet damage is with our SP40S product. It installs in less then 30 seconds and provides economical protection for the top lead board and the end of 2x4 stringers. Most of the pallet damage to a wood pallet will happen on the lead boards (the pieces of lumber at the very end of the pallet). As you can see below, this creates a dangerous situation for the unit load making the product vulnerable to damage itself. Take a look at this picture below, the outer portion of the top lead board has been cracked and ripped off from excess forklift abuse.

Pallet damage on top lead board

By adding the SP40S pointGUARD Pallet Protection Product, you can buffer the the most vulnerable parts of a wood pallet with a layer of plastic. This will increase the life of the pallet and protect the product during shipment as well.

SP40S Product Highlight:

SP40S in orange


  • Overall length: 39.5" (1000mm)

  • Overall wall thickness: 0.25" (6.4mm)

  • Overall weight: Approx. 0.75 lbs. (580cc) / 1.5 lbs. (1160cc) for the set

  • Overall height: 3.81" (96.8mm)

  • Material: virgin polypropylene

  • Color: Orange (other colors available)

  • Sold as a set (2 units - one for each end of the pallet)

Pallet Notes:

  • Provides protection for the top lead board and the end of the stringers

  • Designed to fit on a wooden pallet with (3) stringers/runners that are 1.5"(W) x 3.5"(H) and deckboards that are 1/2" - 3/4" thick with a 40" width

Attaches to the pallet with:

  • (6) 2" #8 wood screws per protector (12 screws per set) or in shipping pallet scenarios, a minimum of (3) screws per protector (6 screws per set) can be used

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