The one area you need to focus on to improve pallet durability.

We've been in the pallet business for over 25 years and have just about seen it all when it comes to wood pallet destruction. Forklifts can do some nasty things to a pallet given the right conditions and it's amazing how fast wood pallets can be destroyed once they are in the supply chain.

There are several things, however, that you can do to help keep the pallet (and in turn the product) in good shape. If you have followed this blog for any given period of time, you may be aware of some of them. One area, in particular, stands out and holds significant value in the quality of the pallet.

This area is known as the top-leading-edge boards. They are the boards that are closest to the end of the pallet. Take a look below at four ways that can help you guard these crucial pieces of lumber.

Top lead board durability infographic

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