Order the Starter Kit

Your next step to a Safer, Stronger, Sustainable pallet.


The pointGUARD® Starter Kit is the most efficient way to sample the pointGUARD® Pallet Protection System. It contains everything you need to get the process started (except the pallet) for one flat rate, including shipping...no matter what state you live in! 


 Kit includes:

  • 10 Units of the protector style of your choice:

    • LX40S 

    • LX40B

    • SP40S 

  • Screws - Enough to attach all 10 units (plus a few extra)

  • Step-by-step installation guide

  • Our Safer/Stronger/Sustainable Pallet Attachments brochure

  • Our Trip-Cost Comparison Handout

  • Shipping to any address in the US (via USPS)


To order, complete the form and someone from our sales team will contact you to complete the purchase.





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